Saccao aka Konstantinos Sakkas is an up and coming dj/producer that has a lot to offer in the electronic music scene. Born in 1984 at Athens city, he was 14 years old when he initially stepped into the scene, playing at various bars of the city, uplifting and impressing the crowd!

At the age of 18Saccao decides to get involved at aprofessional level with music production. Learning to compose music with influences from many DJ/producers marks his initial pace at music production.About that time Saccao gets accepted at the school of economy and also got knowledge of school of mobile telephony and telecommunication of Patras where he combines studies with music and parallel he had performed at many clubs among the biggest DJs/producers, in the likes of, Dennis Ferrer, Dousk and others, captivating the masses.

Also has been a guest many times at the biggest radio shows all over the word . . Saccao showcases his music production skills with his first track being released by Soulman Music.Also there are lot of tracks signed on other labels like on MEXA Records , Playperview Recordings , Cream Couture Recordings , PopArt Records , Frequenza Limited/Frequenza Recordings , Louder Music , Dialtone Records , Dance Till Death (DTD Recs) , Zoo:Technique , Stendhal Recordings , King Street Sounds , Innocent Music , Exotic Refreshment Recordings , Sleazy Deep Records , Straight Records , StayFly Records , Disclosure Crew , MLP Music Label e.t.c .

Saccao has collaborated with many producers like Fabo , Dashdot , LOVERDOSE , Chorniy & Rafwat , Edu , Mr. Leman , Subsonnik , Him_Self_Her , Dakin Auret , Dake , Art Is A Consequence , Rey & Kjavik , Erik Christianssen , Thomaz Krauze , Rob Made , Mobius Strum , HNQO , The Wize Guys , Valentina Black , Less Hate , Patrick Podage , Thee Cool Cats , Blackbirdz , Haze-M , We Are Cassandre , Upstroke , Trav&Volta , Atapy , KANT , Lucas Arr , Nobody Knows , Re Dupre , Going Deeper , Bastard Love , Ran Salman , RedDub , Sam Farsio , Biatlone , Anturage , Memo Insua , Dj Glen , Balcazar & Sordo , Marco Darko , Vintage Culture , Tiago Schneider and many many others..

His tracks have been supported by many big djsand producers and been charted on the top best charts around the world…