Luca Cominato

Luca Cominato

Luca Cominato project starts in 2007 after several years past under a pseudonym. When he decided to use his real name as dj and producer, he wanted to break from the past and starts a new music way, where he can put his knowledge in night-life and djing to do a mature product.

After a lot of experience in Italian clubs he introduce himself in production.
He meet the Zoo:Technique Recordings Crew, and he starts to collaborate with them. After sometimes he was added on the artists label roster.

His debut track is Summer Stories, released in a various artists compilation produce by Zoo:Technique, with artists like: Inxec, Matt Tolfrey, David Herrero, Kasbah Zoo, James Talk, Boghosian, and so on.

Now he’s working in his first EP, always on Zoo:Technique label, with 2 great remixers. Coming soon all news about LC, stay connected!