Delia Ros

Delia Ros

With he´s debut EP, ¨Draw me a smile¨ out on Akbal Music, Delia Ros is looking to the next step of his career. Born and raised in Baja, Mexico, a place where music seems to be taking control faster than anybody imagined. He found out about his passion for music at late age and did nothing but leave things behind, to accomplish this dream.

In 2009, he joined Icon Collective Music Production School based in Los Angeles, California, getting his first step into production matter.

2010 was all about finding sounds and raising mixing skills to the next level so finally in 2011 looking for a bigger picture, he arrived to Mexico City and quickly got in to the scene, collaborating and working with labels like Disclosure Crew and Louder Music.

Who knows what the future is planing for this young mexican talent, but we all know with dedication and passion, things only get better, stay put to his next releases on Disclosure and Louder Music and Electronique collaborating with Jonny Cruz.